Full-Stack Engineering Services

Focus on your business - we'll manage every layer of your stack.

Focus on your business. We'll manage the rest.

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Full-Stack Engineering Overview

If your core business is not systems infrastructure or web-scale operations, then it doesn't make sense to allocate precious resources to managing, scaling, and optimizing your stack. Your business is already complex and demanding enough as it is - and it's difficult to maintain a competitive advantage when you also have to worry about scalability, security, compliance, caching, backups, and - the list goes on and on. So if you're going to deploy on Kahu Compute Fabric, it may be wise to consider Lightcrest FSE.

With Lightcrest Full-Stack Engineering (FSE), customers get over-night increases in engineering expertise and gain access to the best and the brightest architects in the industry. By leveraging Lightcrest YPEs, customers can focus on their core business, drive more revenue, and boast superior user experiences. So if you demand expert attention and management at every tier of your application stack - from the network and systems all the way up to database, application runtime, and caching tiers - then you should consider Lightcrest FSE.

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Your Personal Engineers

Customers with FSE subscriptions are allocated a YPE (Your Personal Engineer) pod - a team of dedicated engineers assigned specifically based on your deployed technologies. Customers who run a LAMP stack, for example, receive a different pod than customers running a .NET/C# or Java stack. In addition to runtime and architecture expertise, YPEs provide customers with a 24x7x365 support channel and expert insights into the Kahu Compute fabric.

YPEs provide customers with immediate access to experts in cloud operations, systems architecture, and application optimization. The YPE pod provides a single point of contact for all technical issues, and provides on-going consultation and management in the realms of security, compliance, high availability, application optimization, caching, disaster recovery, and systems scalability.

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Caching Experts

Caching sits at the heart of a scalable cloud strategy. Properly tuned caches not only reduce costs, but also accelerate the user experience, resulting in happier customers. Lightcrest YPEs work with you to ensure your application is executing only when it has to, and typically target a 9:1 hit-to-miss ratio for public-facing web applications.

Think beyond CDNs when you are looking at your caching strategy. The bulk of the work is in your dynamic content, typically generated by your application runtime and databases. Lightcrest helps you optimize caching at every layer, ultimately providing you with a smaller cloud footprint and lower bills.

Customers receiving FSE services gain over-night increases in caching expertise, including:

  • Varnish VCL
  • Memcache
  • Redis
  • MySQL cache tuning
  • PostgreSQL cache tuning
  • Akamai CDN integration
  • Edgecast CDN integration
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Database Experts

Your backend RDBMS and NoSQL tiers are critical to the availability, performance, and security of your business. Lightcrest FSEs provide experts in a myriad of database technologies so that you can focus on development while Lightcrest provides high-availability, clustering, and scale.

Kahu Compute Fabric provides the means to automate and deploy new backend environments in seconds. You leverage Lightcrest FSE to build custom database profiles that are tuned specifically to your applications. After they're built, you can use Kahu to spin up these backends programatically, whether it's for auto-scaling production or deploying new staging or development environments.

Lightcrest YPEs support the following database technologies:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • Riak
  • Cassandra
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Search Experts

Search is the interface of choice, and is often a critical component if not the primary means for reading data out of a modern application stack. a modern application stack. Through Lightcrest FSE, customers enjoy immediate access to architects and engineers that can ensure your search implementation is a success.

Lightcrest works with customers to define and achieve target QPS (queries per second) and DPS (documents per second) while minimizing indexing time. After profiling and tuning the search experience, customers can quickly deploy new instances of their search environment through Kahu Compute Fabric.

Lightcrest YPEs support the following search technologies:

  • Solr
  • Elasticsearch
  • Lucene
  • Autonomy
  • Attivio
  • Endeca
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Cloud Operations Model

By combining FSE with their Kahu Computing Fabric, customers merge leading-edge infrastructure with the expertise necessary to maximize their cloud investment. Thinking about your cloud operations strategy? Focus on your business, we'll handle the rest.

Lightcrest Cloud Operations Model

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