Optimize Workloads

Kahu is the only platform optimized for hybrid cloud.

Kahu is the intersection between performance and choice.

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Kahu provides organizations with the only cloud computing model optimized for cost, performance, and choice. The best cloud computing model converges costs for steady-state workloads to zero, while giving developers the flexibility to cherry-pick their favorite public cloud services.

Since Kahu is engineered for maximal performance and density - from the pre-certified hardware, to the compute, storage, and networking stacks - you can run core applications on smaller footprints.

And since Lightcrest is constantly launching new services into the Kahu ecosystem, such as load balancers and scale-out storage - all ruled under one simple license - customers can cut costly, monolithic networking and storage equipment out of their environments. Simple one-license models prevent hidden costs as you grow.

Coupled with automation opportunities provided by the Kahu REST API and the option to exercise Lightcrest FSE to manage your stack, you gain all the economic and performance advantages of hybrid cloud ownership, without the traditional risks.

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Eliminate Stack Risk

The traditional risk to hybrid cloud ownership is "getting the stack right."

Organizations who want their own clouds have to ask themselves:

  • Is the software control-plane going to work out of the box?
  • What is the right hardware platform?
  • Will we get enough IOPS and VM density?
  • How will we handle component failure?
  • Hybrid cloud is complex - how can we prevent project failure?
  • How can we replace traditionally expensive technologies like SAN and load balancers?
  • How do we get the scalability benefits of hyperconvergence without the high cost?

Kahu delivers the economics of cloud ownership while answering those questions for you.

Customers choose Kahu for the basis of their hybrid-cloud because they want:

  • Elimination of hardware risk mitigation, performance burn-in, and failure triage.
  • Low-latency public cloud integration to AWS and GCE.
  • High-performance compute, storage, and networking in one unified product.
  • Elimination of monolithic hardware like SANs and load balancers.
  • The option to own a cloud without datacenter or ops teams.
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Empower Small Teams

Traditional hybrid cloud required having your own datacenters and ops teams, as well as very specific subject matter expertise. Kahu eliminates the barrier to entry for hybrid-cloud, giving organizations of any size the ability to leverage the low-cost economics of hybrid cloud virtually over-night.

While Kahu can deploy anywhere, SMBs and midsized organizations can gain all the benefits of Kahu without their own facilities. Kahu Hybrid-Optimized facilities provide managed Kahu installations that are pre-integrated into public cloud exchanges.

With Lightcrest expertise, customers gain further OpEx reductions:

  • Lightcrest FSE services provide customers with world-class cloud engineers and experts, reducing the need for large in-house operations teams.
  • Lightcrest backend analytics provide customers with predictable hardware replacement for disks, nodes, and processors - elminating risk or need for operations teams in-house.
  • Customers gain on-going software packages injected into the Kahu Ecosystem, at no additional cost.
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This is a huge opportunity to reduce your costs, accelerate your applications, and increase choices through a cloud exchange. These are just some of the benefits of owning your own cloud instead of renting it.

Stop paying the public cloud forever. Contact us now for a free analysis of your environment. It'll be worth it, we promise.