Kahu Clouds

Extract maximum value out of your cloud investment.

Maximize performance. Minimize cost.

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If you don’t know whether or not you should be be managing your own datacenter, capitalizing your own infrastructure, or maintaining your own DevOps teams - then you probably shouldn’t be. With Kahu Clouds, Lightcrest provides all the benefits of the Kahu Compute Fabric on a fully managed platform, backed by experts.

With Kahu Clouds, you maximize performance and minimize costs by running workloads on the right cloud at the right time.

Since private, public, and hybrid clouds are optimal at different stages of your business, you should be working with technology and engineers that provide the best cloud architecture for your business as it exists now.

Your cloud - your rules. Our platform - our experts. By deploying on Kahu Clouds, you can focus on your business and your applications. We're experts in cloud so that you don't have to be.

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Kahu Hybrid Cloud

If you want optimal, predictable performance for your steady-state traffic, with the ability to cherry-pick your favorite public cloud services then you want Kahu Hybrid Cloud.

With Kahu Hybrid Cloud, you reduce costs and increase performance for your baseline traffic by leveraging dedicated Kahu Bricks integrated with a cloud exchange. In this hybric cloud architecture, your costs converge to zero, while your public cloud catalog increases.

Kahu Hybrid Cloud gives you the best of both worlds by blending the cost benefits of dedicated Kahu infrastructure combined with the on-demand flexibility of the public cloud. By deploying on Kahu Hybrid Cloud, you'll enjoy:

  • Ultra-efficient cloud expenditure
  • No commitments for workloads autoscaled into the public cloud
  • Optimal performance and price for steady-state workflows
  • Self-service public cloud integrated into your VPC
  • High-performance, low-latency connectivity between private and public clouds
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Kahu Private Cloud

Deploying on Kahu Private Cloud grants you all the programmability and automation of a public cloud, combined with the performance benefits of dedicated infrastructure.

Based on Kahu Bricks optimized specifically for your applications, private clouds empower customers with the most cost-effective, performant means to serve steady-state workloads at scale.

By deploying mission-critical applications on Kahu Private Cloud, you'll enjoy:

  • Kahu REST APIs for orchestration and automation
  • Fixed pricing per hypervisor, free virtual machines.
  • Increased performance over multi-tenant public clouds
  • Superior security and compliance enforcement
  • Dedicated I/O and high-performance SSD storage
  • Predictable costs and more cost efficiency at scale
  • Best of both worlds through Hybrid Cloud bursting