Shred Your IT Costs

Transform your cloud from cost center to profit-driver.

Kahu converges your cloud costs to zero.

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Kahu was designed from the ground-up to be the value-leader in hybrid cloud. That means regardless of whether or not you have your own datacenters, you can leverage Kahu to achieve the highest performance-to-cost ratio in the industry.

When you're in the public cloud, you're paying forever. Once you achieve a certain level of maturity, you're going to want to put your workloads on a platform that converges to zero cost over time. Enter Kahu.

Kahu is a complete compute, storage, and networking stack based on super-charged open source software, coupled with Lightcrest-bred optimizations and scary-fast hardware. Each individual node, a Kahu Brick, can be clustered together to form a Kahu Compute Fabric.

Since Kahu offers maximal performance, you need less total computing infrastructure to achieve desired scale. Keep reading to see the pricing models you can leverage to shred your cloud costs.

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The Cost Cliff

Kahu is shipped as a turn-key cloud that addresses all your enterprise IT needs, including compute, networking, and storage. Rather than paying for this infrastructure forever in a public cloud, you can capitalize low-cost Kahu bricks.

Will your computing needs be the same, or increase in 24-36 months? If the answer is yes to either, then Kahu is the ideal cost model for your business. Kahu can converge your cloud costs to zero in 24-36 months depending on your amortization schedule, at a price point lower than your current opex costs.

By deploying mission-critical applications on Kahu Compute Fabric, you'll enjoy:

  • Kahu REST APIs for orchestration and automation.
  • Dead-simple licensing compared with legacy on-premises infrastructure. One license rules the entire stack.
  • Elimination of hardware risk. Kahu ships on pre-optimized hardware.
  • Increased performance over multi-tenant public clouds
  • Superior security and compliance enforcement
  • High-performance scale-out SSD storage
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Reduced Opex

Customers with mandates for opex-only infrastructure financing still gain all the benefits of Kahu, just in a different economic format. Customers have the option of deploying Kahu with Kahu Flex pricing, so you gain all the technology benefits of Kahu with pay-as-you-go pricing.

And if you don't want to deploy Kahu in your own datacenters but still want the benefits of the cost cliff, you can deploy Kahu in Lightcrest's Hybrid-Optimized facilities.

By deploying Kahu in Lightcrest's datacenters, customers gain further opportunities to reduce OpEx:

  • Lightcrest FSE services provide customers with world-class cloud engineers and experts, reducing the need for large in-house operations teams.
  • Hybrid-Optimized datacenters provide customers with a cloud exchange: run steady-state workloads on Kahu, burst low-latency variable workloads into AWS and GCE.
  • Lightcrest backend analytics provide customers with predictable hardware replacement for disks, nodes, and processors - elminating risk or need for operations teams in-house.
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This is a huge opportunity to reduce your costs, accelerate your applications, and increase choices through a cloud exchange. These are just some of the benefits of owning your own cloud instead of renting it.

Stop paying the public cloud forever. Contact us now for a free analysis of your environment. It'll be worth it, we promise.