Kahu Compute Fabric

Empower your business and join the Fluid Computing Movement.

What is Kahu?

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Kahu is control.

Kahu is a software and hardware platform that converges your cloud costs to zero. Since Kahu is optimized and shipped on pre-optimized Kahu Bricks, you can deploy tons of compute and storage at the lowest possible cost, without the do-it-yourself risks of building your own cloud. And depending on your needs, Kahu can be deployed at scale in your own datacenters, or hosted at Lightcrest.

Modernizing your datacenter with Kahu means lower costs and increased efficiencies through Kahu Compute, Kahu Storage, and Kahu SDN. By turning your environment into a flexible compute fabric, you put all the intelligence and control into your cloud, and eliminate the need for costly SANs, firewalls , and load balancers. Coupled with an open API and optimized hardware, Kahu is the value-leader in computing at scale.

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Kahu is fluid.

Kahu is designed to reduce time-to-deliver in your datacenter environment. Kahu self-discovers new nodes as they are brought online, and immediately allows your organization to extract value from increased capacity. By lowering your procurement times and reducing the engineering resources you need to manage infrastructure, Kahu lowers time-to-deliver and reduces the risk of managing your own cloud.

Kahu's architecture provides superior performance for burstable workloads compared with legacy cloud solutions, allowing for ultra-fast connectivity between public and private environments. The end result is lower costs, faster applications, and happier users. As you scale out your datacenter, Kahu lets you strategically allocate storage, compute, and network infrastructure and seamlessly migrate workloads without costly licensing or hardware investments.

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Kahu costs less.

It's easy to forecast costs with Kahu's pricing model. No complex pricing calculations, no menus of instance types and flavors that require vendor-specific expertise, no hidden licensing costs. When you deploy Kahu, you have a simple cost metric based on the number of Kahu bricks. All the functionality you need to leverage Kahu is immediately available to you.

And in a hosted Kahu private cloud, you pay one flat fee for the underlying hypervisors - with no marginal cost for additional VMs. Want the best of both worlds? Enable hybrid mode and burst from your private cloud into the public cloud, all within the same VLAN.

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Kahu is easy. OpenStack is hard.

Kahu embraces open source and integrates with enterprise gear - with a much lower deployment barrier than OpenStack. Whether you're deploying Kahu on-premises or in Lightcrest datacenters, you don't need months of consulting to deploy an enterprise Kahu cloud.

If you're considering on-premises private or hybrid cloud implementations and want to minimize project costs and total cost of ownership, contact us for a Kahu evaluation.

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