DevOps On-Demand

Automation will set you free.

Treat Infrastructure as Code.

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Automation is crucial to maximizing the value of cloud infrastructure. Kahu's Open APIs allow you to automate provisioning workflows so you can focus on your application and spend less time managing scale and new deployments.

Customer who subscribe to FSE gain experts that provide further value on top of the Kahu platform, providing customers with bespoke DevOps solutions on top of the Kahu Compute Fabric.

Whether you need custom auto-scaling for your web applications and databases, automated provisioning of your SaaS platform, or push-button deployments for your development envrionments, Lightcrest will ensure your DevOps objectives are met on your Kahu Cloud.

Treat your infrastructure as code so you can spend more time on your application, and less time on your deployment operations.

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Deployment Automation

Maximizing return on your cloud investment requires making your infrastructure work for you, not the other way around. You want to integrate your software directly with Kahu APIs so you can ramp customers up faster, scale adaptively as your traffic increases, and minimize time-to-deploy for new virtualized environments.

Using Kahu as a catalyst for deployment automation, you can programatically orchestrate your environment so your team can spend more time writing code and less time managing systems.

Automation opportunities include:

  • Customized autoscale through Kahu REST APIs
  • Customized compute profiles and deployment triggers
  • Programmatic deployment of custom images
  • Programmatic deployment of complex cloud architectures
  • Push-button deploys for staging and development environments
  • Automated snapshots and Disaster Recovery plans
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Configuration Management

Once your cloud architecture is automated, you want a way to streamline package and application deployments in your environment. Lightcrest will work with you to identify ideal toolsets for managing configurations and packages on top of Kahu.

Lightcrest YPEs provide you the expertise required to leverage leading DevOps tools and best practices so you can automate everything underneath your application code.

Lightcrest will work with you to identify the tools you need to build bespoke deployments. Tools include:

  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Octopus
  • Salt
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Source Control

You need the ability to seamlessly integrate version control systems into your environment. Lightcrest will work with you to ensure your staging and development instances are integrated with your version control systems. And if you don't have a solid source control strategy, Lightcrest will recommend one for you.

Gain the confidence you need to do major releases safely and efficiently. Source control repositories and pre-production workflows allow you to immediately roll-back problematic releases, setup multiple development environments, and manage geographically distributed development teams.

Lightcrest works with you to integrate the following version control systems into your Kahu environment:

  • Github
  • Git
  • SVN
  • Perforce
  • Mercurial
  • CVS