Go further, faster.

DevOps Automation on AWS.

Release faster. Treat Infrastructure as Code. Automate.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

Drive risk out of your release process with automated testing and CI/CD best practices. 

Composable Infrastructure

Increase time-to-delivery with automated infrastructure provisioning tools.

Operational Visibility

Get ultra-granular instrumentation and insights into your application workflows and infrastructure components so you can measure performance improvements.

Automation Tooling

Leverage best-of-of-breed IT automation for application deployment, configuration management, and continuous delivery.

Move faster and reduce risk with our DevOps Experts.

Human beings make great innovators, namely software developers and product managers. But they tend to introduce errors when there are many repeated manual tasks. Which is why DevOps is key to any technology strategy. Automating cloud operations and release processes reduces the risk associated with production deployments and frees up your engineers to focus on creating great products.
Lightcrest DevOps experts provide expertise in leveraging automation in both the AWS ecosystem as well as third-party tools such as Jenkins, Terraform and Ansible. Take advantage of our expertise in containers, Infrastructure as Code (IAC), and microservices so you can execute faster, and do more with less infrastructure.

Automation sets you free.

Lightcrest DevOps experts bring a “automate-first” mentality to your technology strategy in the cloud. From scalability and container automation to systems-level rolling maintenance and upgrades, our AWS-certified DevOps experts will provide you with the best practices you need to eliminate as much manual work as possible from your operations.

What we offer :

We immediately assess your infrastructure for opportunities to leverage infrastructure as code.

Reduce outage risk during the release cycle by leveraging CI/CD best practices and blue-green deployments.

Leverage autoscaling and containers to seamlessly grow your footprint on demand.

Leverage composable infrastructure to clone entire swathes of your stack anywhere in the world.

We automate so you can innovate.

When you partner with Lightcrest, you get a team of DevOps engineers overnight. Free up your developers to build great products by leveraging our automation tooling and best practices.

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