After having gone through multiple MSPs to manage their cloud infrastructure, Bluebin engaged Lightcrest to well-architect it’s AWS services, improve high availability, and secure their cloud infrastructure.

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Lightcrest introduced application observability and instrumentation into Bluebin’s environment to provide DevOps teams with granular insights into performance behavior, allowing both teams to establish baselines from which future enhancements could be measured against.


Lightcrest provided monitoring and observability via Grafana and AWS cloud watch to provide on-going insights into Bluebin’s cloud infrastructure.

Multiple single points of failure were eliminated from the architecture, while introducing newer instance classes to improve performance.

Attack surface was minimized while without compromising the integrity of application flows.

Bluebin experienced no business-impacting downtime during upgrades and improvements to the infrastructure.

Customer Testimonial

“BlueBin had engaged in a couple of other vendors who never quite delivered on the original scope. Lightcrest came in and immediately engaged in a couple of projects that were completed on-time and in-budget and have continued to deliver as we expand our engagement.”

– Gerry Butler, CIO Bluebin

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