Managed Hybrid Cloud

Not 100% Cloud Native yet? We will help develop your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

AI / ML based Threat Prevention

Run applications that aren’t cloud-native on Kahu, our hyper-converged compute fabric. Enjoy software-defined compute, storage and object storage.

AWS Direct Connect

Kahu integrates directly with AWS Direct Connect. Enjoy low-latency access to public cloud from your Kahu environment.


Deploy on Kubernetes and move workloads between multiple cloud environments with a common interface.

Legacy applications can’t stop your cloud journey.

Cloud-native and legacy applications co-exist easily on Kahu hybrid cloud. Deploy your workloads on lifecycle-appropriate platforms while Lightcrest intelligently optimizes for cost, performance, and reliability.

Get a Security Operations Center - overnight.

Security best practices can mean the difference between success and failure for a business with litigious partners and clients. You can’t afford a data breach, especially in the Healthcare and Financial Services industries. With Lightcrest’s security-focused cloud experts, you get enterprise security infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of in-house security specialists.

What we offer :

Cost optimize the right workloads on the right cloud environment.

Leverage our existing Direct Connect integrations with AWS for low-latency burst.

Segment your hybrid cloud into tenancies so your team can extract maximum value from VM density.

Manage your hybrid cloud resources from a single pane of glass.

Stop worrying about ‘not being ready’ for a cloud migration. Our hybrid cloud will right-fit all your workloads.

Focus on innovation. We’ll handle your cloud transition.

Talk with a cloud specialist.