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Migration Project Management

Our experts draw on thousands of migrations to prepare a plan for your cloud migration.

Seamless Cutover

You can’t afford an outage or data loss during your migration.

Get Cloud-native

Our cloud experts will help you identify opportunities for modifying your applications to be cloud-native.

Migrate to the cloud with minimal risk.

You don’t have to be an expert in cloud migrations to move your applications into AWS. Let our team of experts draw on thousands of migrations to best plan your journey into the cloud. Once we plan your migration, we execute autonomously so your team can focus on what they do best.

Think cloud-native, not lift and shift.

Sure, you can move most of your applications into the cloud immediately. But the whole point of making the shift is to leverage the cloud ecosystem to the benefit of your business. This means making your applications cloud-native so you can minimize cost and maximize the benefits of the AWS cloud ecosystem.

What we offer :

Leverage our engineers to build and execute your migration plan with minimal risk to your organization.

Avoid downtime and data loss when you cutover from legacy to your new AWS environment.

We guide your instance type selection, reserved instance planning, and scaling methodology so you hit the ground running after your cutover.

Our experts will configure your AWS autoscaling, VPCs, and backups so you have the perfect landing zone for your applications.

Our expert team will identify technical debt that will not have to transfer from your legacy architecture.

The migration is just the beginning.

A proper migration plan is critical to your success in the cloud. But it doesn’t end there – once you’re in AWS, you can continue to tap our expertise in scalability planning, on-going management, and DevOps automation.

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