Turbocharge your user experience.

Managed Application Performance on AWS.

Faster applications make happier customers.

Cache Optimization

The right caching optimization can radically decrease your cloud spend, while significantly improving your customer experience.

CDN Management

Our CDN experts will help you choose the right CDN to accelerate your applications.

Application Observability

Where are the bottlenecks in your application? Lightcrest builds the instrumentation your business needs to find and fix the weakest components of your application from a performance perspective.

Performance Analysis

Once you identify bottlenecks, you need to solve them. Lightcrest helps your developers prioritize and fix the most critical performance gaps in your stack.

Application Visibility is Mission Critical.

Application visibility is too often a ‘nice-to-have’ in a production cloud environment. In reality, knowing where your application is spending the majority of its execution time is mission critical to your business. The only way to prioritize your optimization efforts is to maintain granular visibility of your application stack.
With our Managed Application Performance program, customers enjoy 24x7x365 visibility and monitoring of their most critical performance attributes. Lightcrest continually monitors the application stack and backend data stores to provide the trends required to identify bottlenecks and solve them before they become business-impacting issues. Our AWS certified architects and engineers provide you with caching and data strategies that reduce load on your systems while decreasing your cloud resource utilization.

Get Application Performance Expertise - overnight.

Application instrumentation and follow-on optimization strategy is an on-going process. You can’t afford to wait until you hit a scalability wall to solve performance problems. With Lightcrest’s Managed Application Performance program, you get application performance expertise overnight, without the need to expand your internal operations team.

What we offer :

Get round-the-clock visibility into the performance metrics of your stack.

The right caching strategy can represent a step-change in your customer experience. Lightcrest provides expertise in both frontend and backend caching strategies.

Application observability is key to identifying and prioritizing your optimization goals.

Once we identify our bottlenecks, we help your team eliminate them before they become business impacting.

Focus on innovation. We’ll help you manage performance.

When you partner with Lightcrest, you get a team of application performance specialists overnight. Focus on innovating, we’ll secure your AWS cloud infrastructure while ensuring maximum performance and availability.

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