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Managed Cloud Services

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We manage your cloud so you can focus on your business.

Next-Gen Managed Services

Next-Gen Managed Cloud Services

Leverage best practices and leading technologies to keep your business running in the cloud with minimal risk and maximal performance. Partner with an MSP that is incentivized to minimize your costs.

Dedicated Cloud Engineering Team

Dedicated Cloud Engineering Team

Get a team of dedicated cloud experts overnight. There isn’t a faster way to accelerate your cloud projects.

24/7/365 Monitoring

24/7/365 Monitoring

Our monitoring infrastructure and reliability engineers are available around the clock to ensure your business is healthy and production is optimal.

Proactive Maintenance & Cybersecurity

Proactive Maintenance & Cybersecurity

We're proactively performing maintenance and securing your infrastructure so you can avoid needless fire-fighting.

Focus on innovation, not cloud operations.

Unless your core business is managing complex cloud infrastructure, doing it yourself is not only more expensive but also a huge distraction from your core business. By leveraging Lightcrest for your cloud operations, your team can focus 100% on innovating your core products and services. Our customers are assigned a dedicated team of Cloud experts so you can stop fire-fighting and start focusing on your core revenue-generating activities.

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Accelerate Your Cloud journey with Full-Stack Engineers.

Our Full-Stack Engineering teams are dedicated to your account, keeping your environment fast, secure, and cost-efficient. You need expertise beyond standard Cloud architecture and operations – you also need performance optimization, disaster recovery, and cyber security. So instead of dodging the pitfalls yourself, let us provide best practices and over 250 years of combined operational experience to your organization, overnight.

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Modernize Your Cloud Stack Overnight.

Our best-practices and standard operating procedures for new accounts allow you to extract immediate benefit, from increases in application performance to better high availability for your mission-critical applications and microservices.

Emerging Technology Assessment

We immediately assess your infrastructure and identify key improvements with respect to latest advancements in cloud technology.

High Availability Architecture

Your applications need to be up all the time, and they need to scale elastically with demand. Accomplish this while minimizing your cost structure.

On-Going Consulting & Reporting

Your Lightcrest FSE team continuously provides your team with reports on performance, stability,  and cost improvements. We own this so you don’t have to.

Hands-Free Maintenance

Our Cloud engineers and experts handle maintenance, patching, and preemptive software updates.

Lightcrest Control Monitoring and Support

Our support team monitors your cloud environment 24x7x365. Your engineering team is on-call and available to you in every time zone for incident resolution.

Backups and Data Integrity

Rest assured that your data is properly being backed up and your data-intensive applications have clean snapshots.

Stop Fire Fighting. Focus on Innovation and Revenue Generation. Spend less money on operations.

Since our cloud architects and engineers absorb the day-to-day operations of your infrastructure stack, you can spend more time on core initiatives that directly impact your bottom line. Focus on your business, and stop worrying about hiring and maintaining a cloud operations team.

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